How does a pest control company get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the scary dream of every residential unit. These super spreading nocturnal insects are commonly found in homes causing multiple health issues to tenants. Once infested, it is not easy to manage and resist these rapid spreaders. To get rid of, traditional treatments and modern practices get deployed by most, however, the success of bed bug pest control purely relies on the kind of treatment given. Anyhow, having someone, with professional expertise in bed bug pest control would be ideal always.

This article is about bed bug infestation, its cause, detection and how does a pest control company gets rid of bed bugs.

Bed bug Infestation

Bed Bugs are nocturnal insects that feed exclusively on blood. They are parasitic insects that can exist singly and congregate over some time. Usually, they thrive in dark and cool areas and feed on the blood of the host.

How do Bed Bugs appear?

Bed bugs are usually attracted in parallel to the carbon dioxide concentration, which in turn will make it more likely to appear in places where more people live together. Thus the prime carrier of bed bugs is humans along with the infested bed, furniture, etc. The anticoagulants released upon biting by the bed bugs causes health issues like rashes and allergies in humans.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Early detection of bed bugs will help for the successful eradication of the parasitic infestation. Below are a few signs that can be looked at for finalizing the bug presence in your home.

Blood Stains on Bed Sheets, blanket and Pillows Bed bug excrement spots in dark patches Shells, dead skin, and feces remain around the infested area. Musty Odor from the scent glands of bed bugs is another sign of bug infestation.

Getting rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs are always a threat to having a sound and peaceful sleep and rest time. It causes a lot of health and well-being inconveniences to the individuals. The most common habitat of them is bed mattresses, box springs, bed frames, pillows, carpets, curtains, couches, and furniture. Mild infestation can be treated or controlled by home remedies and the application of anti-bug products. However, if the infestation is serious, it’s better to hire pest control professionals to help rid of bed bugs.

What do Pest Control Professionals Do to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Pest control providers are trained professionals to deal with all sorts of pest infestations. With systematic and scientific procedures, they help clients to get rid of the infestation worrying and annoying them. Here are a few things that a pest control professional will do to get rid of Bugs.

Pest controllers hold deep knowledge and insight on bed bug biology and behavior, which will help them to observe for bed bugs and how to eliminate them at the source.

With signs of infestation, they will advise and start with precautionary measures to ensure that home will be bedbug-free in further time.

A professional pest controller for bed bug treatment will compile the best possible intervention based on the intensity of pest infestation.

For local infestation, they will start with pesticide treatment and observe for the response and perform more rounds of pesticide treatment if required.

With heavy bed bug infestation, professional bed bug control agencies will integrate pesticide application and various other treatments like thermal treatment and evacuations.

Professional strategies to get rid of bed bugs such as heat treatment, mattress encasements, crack and crevice injection/spot treatment and pesticide dust are the common bed bug control interventions applied by professionals involved in bed bugs pest control Dubai.

With clinically proven pesticides and other terminating agents, professional pest controllers will help tenants to cop-up with regular life even during treatment time. They will also advise on the requirement of evacuation from the residence unit if required. Professional pest controllers will always be available over a call or request to foresee and inspect the place for any occurrences of bed bug infestation.

Common Bed Bug Treatment offered by Pest controllers are:


Pesticide Dust

Thermal Treatment

Mattress Encasements

With any bed bug treatment, complete elimination is not possible. However, most professional pest controllers, guaranteeing complete eradication of bed bugs are gaining popularity in the industry as well. As re-introduction is possible, it is better to hire the best for Bed bugs pest control Dubai.

Bed bugs pest control Dubai

The climatic condition of Middle East countries is always blamed for the emergence of bed bugs species. However, as these insects are causing a threat to the comfort of individuals, hiring professionals for bed bugs pest control Dubai will help prevent or treat occurrences of bed bugs.

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